Thursday, December 09, 2004

Hasta luego, Vancouver

One of the great things about Vancouver that I'm going to miss (after moving to DC) is Pulpfiction Books (2 locations: 3133 W. Broadway and 2422 Main). The stores are clean, the books reasonably priced, and the staff always friendly & knowledgeable.

I took in a bunch of trade-ins yesterday and was able to get a few gems:

-A first edition Michael Gilbert
-Fugue For A Darkening Island - Christopher Priest (I don't know this author but it looks to be British sci-fi in the tradition of Wyndham)
-2 Philip K Dick's I've been searching for:
Dr. Bloodmoney: Or, How we got along after the bomb
The Penultimate Truth

From the latter:
"World War III is raging - or so the millions of people crammed in their underground tanks believe. For fiteen years, subterranean humanity has been fed on daily broadcasts of a never-ending nuclear destruction, sustained by a belief in the all powerful Protector.

But up on Earth's surface, a different kind of reality reigns. East and West are at peace. Across the planet, an elite corps of expert hoaxers live invast private demesnes - repayment for their services in preserving the great lie.Until, one day, a tanker emerges and discovers the path to the most sinister truth of all..."

Reports to follow.


Olman Feelyus said...

What Michael Gilbert did you get?

cjb said...

Pulpfiction Books thanks you for your comments and patronage. No, we didn't surf across you accidentally, but were actually referred by a pal of yours, coincidentally also in buying books. Thanks again!