Friday, December 17, 2004

Vince gone!

uncvaOh wow! I get back from the movie tonight and check to see how Bonner played for the Raptors. The first line I see is "The first game of the post-Vince era"

First of all, I'm bummed for the Raptors because all they get is a lame center and a couple of Williams'. I guess the draft picks will help in the future or something.

I'm glad to see the value of Carter has fallen so far. He really has become a whiner.

Its interesting to see how Jamisons and Carters paths have differed. You'll remember that they were both drafted out of NC in 98 and Toronto picked Jamison with the deal to swap picks to the Warriors. Jamieson toiled in GS for several different coaches and although no one could figure out how to position him, he got an 87 million dollar contract and all the pressure that entailed. Meanwhile, VC became the second coming of Jesus in Canada. Half-man, half-amazing and all that shit. Here we are a few years later and Carter gets shipped off to the Nets for a couple of potatos. Jamison is playing the strongest ever in his career and provides veteran leadership and community spirit for the Wizards. Interesting.

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