Wednesday, January 19, 2005

NFL Playoffs 2005 - Round 3


The Conference Championships in Pennsylvania.

The Colts folded so badly last week. I will find it hard to go against NE ever again, however...
I threw this photo up in memory of the fantastic luck (and skill) that the Pats have had over the past few years.

Atlanta Falcons @ Philadelphia Eagles (-5)

I pick Philly

New England Patriots (-3) @ Pittsburgh Steelers

I pick Pittsburgh


Buzby said...

I pick Philly over Atlanta and NE over Pittsburgh

Olman Feelyus said...

Same as Buzby. A couple of errors in your blog posting there. It's the Colts who folded, not the pats and that picture is from the championship game three years ago. The raiders did not make it close to the playoffs this year so don't taunt me with that image of pain!

Crumbolst said...

I picked Pitts, too. Oh, well.

Olman Feelyus said...

Bill Bellichick is incredibly smart, but I think he's also really creative. He's a liberal arts guy for one (went to Wesleyan). He's always throwing out these plays that the opposing QB's have never seen. I think it's exciting that the pats are winning because of creative playmaking and I think it's a good sign that pro football is a league where creativity like that is rewarded. Imagine if there was some creativity in the NBA (oh yeah, the Phoenix Suns)...

I think the Pats are going to crush the eagles in the superbowl.