Tuesday, March 17, 2009

09.09 The Vendetta by Nick Quarry

The Vendetta (1972) by Nick Quarry
Pbk, Gold Medal, 158 p.

Thanks to Olman for this quick an fun read. You can see his review over here.

It's a pretty stock gangster story told in the Prohibition era but written like a 70's potboiler. Paolo Regalbuto a Sicilian immigrant has given up the gangster life for the love of a good woman. One night his apartment accidently gets bombed and his wife and kids are killed. His revenge then gets coopted by some up and coming gangsters who use Paolo's methodical killing to further their own ends. Eventually Paolo outwits them all although his heart never really seems behind it.

The book is taut and fast paced. Nothing outrageously great but definitely fun to read. Still looking for another book by Nick Quarry called The Don Is Dead.

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