Tuesday, September 01, 2009

09.29 The Limbo Line by Victor Canning

The Limbo Line (1963) by Victor Canning

This is my first Victor Canning book and I am sure going to be looking out for more. Canning writes in the tradition of the great British thriller authors: Eric Ambler, Hammond Innes and Desmond Bagley.

The Limbo Line is a tight little Cold War thriller. Richard Manston is a retired agent living the life of leisure as a gentleman farmer and golfer. He gets drawn back in to the game by his superiors to break a Russian kidnapping ring that is grabbing low level defectors and whisking them back to the Motherland.

The British Secret Service has identified the next victim, a ballerina, Irina Tovskaya, as the next victim. Manston’s job is to dangle her as bait and follow her through the “Limbo Line” the organization that handles the kidnapping, brain washing, and smuggling of the kidnapped defectors.

Of course, nothing goes as planned and like any good spy novel there are various crosses and double-crosses, escapes and evasions. This was a fully satisfying and fun read.

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JJH said...

Glad you enjoyed this one. If you want recommemdations of what Cannings to read next, try my website at http://www.victorcanning.com/.