Saturday, January 23, 2010

10.03 Maigret And The Pickpocket by Georges Simenon

Le Voleur de Maigret (1966) by Georges Simenon
Pbk, Harvest/HBJ, 151 p.

This is one of the later Maigret books in the vast series (1931-1972) that are not really as well regarded as the later ones. Simenon wrote over 100 stories with Maigret, a police detective in Paris. This was certainly an entertaining story but I tended to lose interest at times.

Maigret is one day pickpocketed on the streetcar and strangely receives his wallet back in the mail shortly. A young artist took it and pleads with Maigret to look in to the murder of his wife as payment for it's return. Maigret becomes quite closely involved with all the artists various friends while trying to figure out this little murder.

This book was ok but certainly didn't grab me and drag me in to the story.

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