Friday, December 24, 2010

10.25 Running Blind by Lee Child

Running Blind (2000) by Lee Child.

These Reacher books seem to be well seeded in holiday homes. I picked this one up on the Caribbean island of Nevis where I recently went on holiday. I'd read a few reviews of the Reacher books bu Olman and knew that they were quite readable at the very least.

Although Reacher is a loner this book seems to have him fairly ensconced in a legitimate life. He has a steady gf in New York, has been given a house and ends up working closely with the FBI to track down a serial killer.

The book was easily digested like a Stephen King. The pages just sort of turn themselves. I didn't love the storyline although the opening scene is a ton of fun. Reacher, eating in his favorite Italian restaurant, sees a couple of Eastern European hoods come in and shake down the owner for protection money. He follows them and fucks them up leading them to believe that some other big organization is already taking a piece of this restaurants action. It's a fun bit of writing.

A cool holiday read.

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