Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Dead Arcade Column

I hate that that there are so many crap games out there and if you spend your 60$ or whatever you might get something thats unplayable. This occasional column will give you my opinion on various games I've played and whether I think they are worth your 50¢.

This past weekend I played some of rented Burnout 3: Takedown, Madden 2005, and the new James Bond FPS.

The worst first. 007 is not too bad a game. It uses the third person that can get into vehicles like GTA and True Crime. The missions are super tough and I found the aim control weak. It might be ok to get second hand.

Madden is, well, Madden. Any game that gets updated every single year is bound to get better and better. The gameplay is super solid and the AI is getting there.

Burnout 3 was a risk. I don't really play driving games but the reviews on this are through the roof. It turns out to be an great game and I'll bet the multiplayer is fun. You do different events on 3 continents and go along the obligatory "Win a race/money/top score to obtain new cars and races. The events are split between racing ones and set piece car crashes. The crashes are insane - basically scream down a quarter mile and smash into traffic. Everything goes into bullet time when you crash and you can steer into bonuses.

Take my advice. Support your local arcade.

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