Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Down With Handsome Dick


One of the great music releases of 2003 was Up In Flames by the Canadian (Ontario) producer Dan Snaith (aka Manitoba). Its mellow electronica along the lines of Boards of Canada or Aphex Twin.

Anyway, heres the ridiculous thing: He's now had to change his release name to counteract a lawsuit from some guy named Handsome 'Dick' Manitoba. From his website:

"Dan Snaith, who released the albums Up In Flames (2003) and Start Breaking My Heart (2001) under the name Manitoba, has changed his name to Caribou following a lawsuit in the US. Frontman for punk band The Dictators, Handsome Dick Manitoba, sued Snaith for trademark infringement, despite never having released music under the names ‘Manitoba' or ‘Handsome ‘Dick' Manitoba'."

I like the new name better.

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