Friday, May 06, 2005

Book Number 14


I picked up 3 of these Psi-Man series books at a little used bookstore out on the east coast of Maryland. I am counting them all as just one read because they took literally an hour or so to read 200 pages. And as you will see in my next post, I am obsessed with page counts these days.

So. Psi-Man. What about those killer covers? Awesome.
Psi-Man is Chuck Simon, a PE teacher who has come to the attention of the US government because of his MINDPOWERS. They want him for their programs but he will have none of it and is forced to FLEE.

Psi-Man is a PUSSY. He is on the run from the government and many evil elements in society but remains simperingly moral and soft. His attack dog, Rommel, is tougher than him! For example, in Psi-Man: Deathscape there is biochemical dumping at a weapons plant that is producing monster mutants. Some eco-warriors go in to blow the place up and through various improbable plot devices, Chuck shows up at the plant while they are in the midst of this. The eco dudes mistake him for the MAN and a battle ensues. One of the ecos has TK and they fight to a standstill but then when Chuck gets the drop on them he fails to KILL. Shai, the Jamaican, shoots him but it is only an graze because he respects Chucks battling abilities.

The setting of Psi-Man is a cool future world where animal mutations are rampant, the government is authoritarian and the only form of commerce is barter.

I wanted to like these books but they are just too badly written. That the world is interesting is about all I can say.


Olman Feelyus said...

Those covers are frickin' awesome! The pictures are great. It looks like they stole stills from some '80s tv show and painted over them. And the pullquotes kick ass as well. Good stuff. Even if they suck, you might want to keep collecting them.

Lantzvillager said...

I definitely will.

Another series I am going to look in to is The Destroyer. Especially the early ones. Check the wiki: