Thursday, May 05, 2005

david_byrne David Byrne is in Toronto for an installation of his The New Sins installation. He writes about his appreciation of the gentrification of Queen St. and gets in a little Canadian dis.
Other than a few guffaws, the audience, having just finished a rich brunch and some mimosas, sat in polite but pretty stony silence. Only a few walkouts, but I really wondered how I was doing — the PowerPoint talks I did recently got lots of laughs most of the time.

Maybe it was the Canadians — they’re a notoriously restrained audience — some say polite, others give other justifications.

Check out his blog - he writes infrequently but is thoughtful.

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Olman Feelyus said...

It might just be Toronto. At the Carbiou show, here in Montreal, the crowd was pretty hyped. At one point, Caribou said, "We're only three songs in and you're already making more noise than those losers in Toronto!" Let me tell you that got a big cheer.