Wednesday, February 16, 2005


crying babyOh well. Will there even be an outcry in Canada?



Buzby said...

I feel a twinge of regret that they canceled their season. First because I think that the owners are using the players to bail themselves out of a mess that they created for themselves. Second because I respect the lower level of pretention and glitz in the NHL...the NBA and NFL could learn something from the NHL's humility.

Lantzvillager said...

I could almost get behind some of the leagues ideas if Bettman wasn't such a weasely fu$&er. His quote was, "I don't have any concerns that the fans will come back."

A hockey player on espn said yesterday, "If I had a business and he was the face out front, I'd poke my eyes out."

They'll work it out.

Jarrett said...

I'm hollow and empty. I grieve. As an Islander fan I usually get this feeling in March, when I really realize it's hopeless, though the last few years I've made it tot he April heartbreak. So this year is just early. Bettman is the worst though.

I don't know a lot about business, but the owners were losing so much money they decided to not make any this year? Um. Ok.